Eggs a Story

Eggs a Story
“Eggs a Story” 22″ x 31″ Oil on multiple canvases / Framed – $3000

I love the shape of eggs. What started as a journey into individual studies of the subject simply to improve my experience in painting them became an exploration of much more.

This painting developed over time as the small paintings gathered I had the idea of joining them into a larger work.  I had experimented with this idea before and the more I worked with the egg paintings the concept of “birthing” and unity became underlying themes for me. It seemed fitting to consider joining them in away to create something new and so I did.

The painting took a lot of persistence and dedication and I liked the combination of brown and white eggs.  To me I appreciate the visual reference of the inner parts of the eggs being the same, regardless of the shell.  In many ways this painting is an emotional piece for me with many hidden life lessons.

As far as joining the small oil paintings into a cohesive whole I mounted each one onto a foam core board and then built a wood frame to mount that to.  I ultimately framed the painting in a custom light wood float frame which is included with the price for this special piece.


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