Citrus Tea and Fruit

“Citrus Tea and Fruit” 12″ x 24″ Oil on canvas – $900

Looking back and moving forward.

Tradition has it’s way of carrying me through so much. It’s been an anchor at times. In this painting there was an exploration of tradition happening as well as a coming divergence from those presumably “stable” parts of life I relied on.

The elements that felt like a step away were the elongated canvas with it’s symbolic note of expansion and extension and the tea pot. This teapot, one that didn’t quite share the “old world” character of the tea cup, silver spoon or intricate fabric in the back drop was important. It’s childlike spirit and simple motif had a less serious nature. Yet, somehow there was a connection in the entirety of the piece.

The painting began as a small study on 2 5″x 7″ panels that I taped together.  Starting small can feel safer at times. As that piece came to completion I decided to risk a larger version and came up with this using a 12″x 24″ canvas. 

It’s a painting for me to reflect upon and welcome as part of my body of work. It provided a channel to begin exploring something different, something new. I didn’t know at the time what that quite was, but I have more clarity today. I’m reminded that all the paintings are necessary parts of the journey and as much as they may be points of departure they also facilitate new beginnings. I still love this one!

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