Parkside Snow and The Yellow House

Parkside Snow and Yellow HouseI visited Cadwalader Park on Sunday with my Plein Air Group.  This is a lovely park surrounding the Ellarslie Museum in Trenton, NJ.  I learned the park was designed by the same person who designed Central Park in NYC.  I could see some resemblance.

This is my plein air painting for that day.  I stood in the park looking out at the surrounding edges and liked the trees and the brightness of the old yellow home in the distance.  The painting is 8″ x 10″ and was done in oils.  I really am enjoying painting snow scenes.  There is something very magical about them.  Perhaps this is one of the things I like about snow in general.  It has so many beautiful qualities to it that can change the feel of the landscape.  I’ve often felt it to be much like a blanket that covers a town in peaceful quiet and beauty.

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