Dairy Farm Gates

Dairy Farm GatesThis painting was from my visit to Cherry Grove Farm in Lawrenceville, NJ.  It was a nice sunny morning with some great cloud formations. I hadn’t explored too much around the farm on my other visits so I headed around the back behind the store and discovered this lovely view into the fields.  I liked how the path led in that direction with the two buildings on each side guiding my eye that way.  At first the gates were open and I did my rough outline on the canvas with them in that state but as the day got going the farmers needed to close them.  Going with the flow I painted the entire painting without the gates.   It was a nice painting. But as I viewed it more at home I decided there was something interesting about the closed gates. The lines and the sense of closure with openness at the same time, so I added them as a final detail. I am happy with the outcome.  I did this on a 12″x 12″ gallery wrapped canvas in oils.

Here’s a snapshot of my rough sketch…

Cherry Grove 9-29-13

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