“Sisters” 30″ x 24″ Oil on canvas – NFS

This special painting was created a number of years ago
and done from an old family photograph of mine. The day
in one I remember to a degree. I live near this location today
some many years later and parts of it are the same as they
were in the past. Every time I pass down this little street
in downtown New Hope, PA I think of my sisters and sitting
on the stoop of the ice cream shop with our treat for the
The perspective is off which I couldn’t entirely see while
in the process of painting the portrait. It’s interesting that
upon reflection that “skewed” view for me represents a
feeling of smallness inside that I felt back then. Almost
like I wasn’t able to really exist.

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  1. Believe it or not people that was in downtown Chester,Nj. and who knew Blue Glasses were to “in” look back then.

    Seriously, I too immediately felt emotional and a tear or two! This one tops them all!!! love it ,simply amazing! you go Crash!!!

    • cmartzloff

      Thanks Amy and Wendy. I am happy with the outcome. Just need to let it dry for sometime and then maybe varnish and frame. I understand this to be taken in New Hope, but maybe it is Chester and I don’t remember.

  2. Elean Ewert

    you have taken my breathe away I can remember you 3 during these days. Your Mother would be so proud of you. Love Aunt Elean

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